One On One Lessons

If hands on teaching is what you need and want, we can meet for private lessons. When you are just starting out we can meet in our warm teaching pool and when you are a more proficient swimmer we move to a 25 yard pool so you can explore your stroke in depth.

7 Week Classes - Learn TI

Do you want to learn all of the drills and techniques, but a weekend workshop sounds like too much to take in all at once? Every couple of months a new session starts, usually on Tuesdays at noon. You will have ample time to practice your new skills in between sessions.
Video will be taken and uploaded for you.


Every month I offer this 2 hour clinic to take your stroke to a new level.
Every class is a little different and you are certain to come out with a new understanding of the elements that make your stroke more efficient and fluid. Some TI experience is helpful.
Knowing how to swim for 500 yards continuously will enhance your experience.

Weekend Workshops

Ready for jumpstarting all the action? This class is what I call a weekend transformation. We go through the drills that are most important to get you to a new level with your swimming. Almost 7 hours of pool time plus the same in the classroom and you will be ‘totally immersed’.


I am a licensed Miracle Swimming instructor and can help you overcome any fears that you may be experiencing in the water.
Please contact me for a free consultation and we can set up an action plan for you.
Yes, it is possible to enjoy swimming!

Open Water Camps

You may occasionally catch me coaching at one of TI’s many wonderful Open Water Experiences. If you are interested in one and plan on participating, use the code ‘helenitaevents’ to get a 5% discount on your tuition. I do hope to see you there!

Are you in Idaho or Montana?

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You really can have a beautiful, graceful, elegant and fast swim stroke.
I’ll help you get there.